I'm the Artist General of America (A cabinet-level self-appointment, modeled after the Surgeon General & Emperor Norton (To whom I am Berkeley's "Answer"--The New East Bay Span of The Bay Bridge will eventually be known as THE ARTIST GENERAL Span (NOT as SF City Council tried: "Emperor Norton")

--@ahtude: Don't Leave Home Without It (. . .Be a PAINE!)

Death to the Emperor*,
And Death to the Emperor's Tailor!

Hard-copy, Naked Words...I've played music on the street for 25 years
and now, suddenly, from this paved instrument: these silent notes rise

hand-pressed from sidewalk to cyberspace--tape, staple, push, keystroke,
click, tap & send--

how the eyes & fingertips of incomplete strangers meet & greet invisibly online
how virtual beginnings nevermind a plausibly imaginary end
to all this mortality

eyed yet never seen, seen yet never faced, faced yet never known
so these 
blurred clear from abjectly forgetful streets to the photographic memory
of this global screen. 
There!  can you here me now?  See why the spellcheck bounces? 

It's like a simile dying 
to second-guess a mixed metaphor.  
Who's tHere? "Question" the "Window"
"Answer" the "Door".
*NOT Emperor Norton,
who's long dead, and anyway, earned his reputation as a man of high principle,
engagingly sane within his own delusional bubble, exercising his imaginary authority with an eye to the well-being of his "subjects"...(he "outlawed", for example, racism, and proclaimed himself "protector of Mexico"--a cordially convincing, morally poetic 'performance artist'...) he had a 'uniform' and issued 'public pronouncements', as do & did I--have a uniform (a paint-splattered affair after Surgeon General Everett C. Koop) and--some years ago, posted thousands of "Artist General Warnings" on walk-signs, telephone poles, etc--some of which have survived in relative online 'immortality' long after falling like leaves: 
SPONTANEOUS STREET ["Paved Instrument"] GALLERY San Francisco Bay Area / Random Photographer Uploads of ARTIST GENERAL'S WARNINGS:  http://bit.ly/20fE5RO
R-KIVES: "MEET THE ARTIST GENERAL" ~SF Weekly:  http://bit.ly/20AvQFt
R-KIVES: ARTIST GENERAL'S WARNINGS / Palo Alto Weekly: "Artist brings poetic, sometimes puzzling protest to downtown"   http://bit.ly/1XaVURV
"WARNING"--MusicVideo / Barry Cleveland w/ The Artist General (!)  http://bit.ly/1jEWNnu
TREESTUMP DREAMHOUSE Of Forgotten Survivor (Long Ago: The Emperor's [Fugitive] Tailor) PHOTO: (OneStrokeWaterArt)  http://bit.ly/20AwmmA
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There's more where that came from!