Mother's Day Tribute



With Mother’s Day fast approaching (Australia, America and some other countries), I thought this a fitting choice for my first submission to Scriggler. In Australia, the white chrysanthemum is the Mother’s Day flower, but this is my tribute to mothers everywhere.




‘Why white chrysanthemums?’ you ask

and I remember asking my mother

the same question

as a child.


‘Because they are the symbol

of Mother’s Day’, I answer

as she answered me.


I feel her presence

as I open them,

mentally ask her advice

on length of stem

and size of vessel,

see her smile

as I arrange them...

some for her and Grandma,

one each for myself, my daughter

and daughter-in-law.


Together... they fill the cream jug

for we are all mothers.


One perfect flower

saved to stand alone

in the privacy of my room

in my favourite sculptured vase...

a contrast of red glass

and blossoming white


in loving memory

of my mother.


c. Kathryn Coughran

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