Pieces Of Pisces



High dive into my mental!

Darkness my soothing current comfort,

Exit the left so the stage can have others.


Deeper to hide within the shade,

Escaping the rage of a world of hate.


Once I was dumb not knowing much,

Enter the violence from a loving touch.


Misused... Abused... cast to the street,

Confused views attached onto me.


Guidance was gone a spiraling dream,

Chaos was filling tearing the seam.



Desire was bright, survival undaunted.


Making my way in a shifting course,

Stealing to eat seeking for more.


All that I had was clothes in a bag,

Asleep in the rain a makeshift shack.


Mother was busy my father a waste,

Bitter deception a young man’s taste.


No belief, myself was worthless,

I was just floating adrift no purpose.


Then came the highs perverting my mind,

Alcoholic teen with rage entwined.


Beaten for years would you feel the same,

Those claiming love caused all your pain.


Defeated and weak I wandered the street,

Fighting for life just wishing to be.


Found my home with outcasts and dogs,

Numbing my life in alcohols fog.


There was no hand or a person to help,

Slipped in the cracks developed in Self.


Dead inside my inner light dimmed,

Psychotic frenzy of a world within.


All the asylums were emergency jails,

The story I tell make most men pale.


If you seen the visions behind my eyelids,

Demons form and gather within.


Losing my soul with no destination,

Ravaging mind I lost concentration.


Walk with me now as I open the cell,

Welcome you all to my own living hell.


Please understand there’s more to the man,

It doesn’t define me, part of the plan.


As I explain every state within shade,

I will portray all that life made.


The journey is dark filled with my tears,

Hope executed replaced with all fears.


Out of the shadows though I still thrive,

Better and weathered complexities mine.


The riddler fiddles the pied pipers call,

A puzzling mastermind welcomes you all!


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