One Night Only



/ poetry

a trip to the Talent Show at a local club

They think they’ve got talent?
What a joke!

They’ve less talent
than a hair pulled out from
the brush I used to sing into
as a child;
than in the pages torn out
from my first piano book.
The other contestants . . .

How many costumes must she take off
before the audience lose interest?
First Date . . . they’re not even a couple

The Great Colibri isn’t so great
Just some barman’s cousin
whose hidden compartment
Is an open secret

The boy band are gay,
the Break dancer broke his wrist,
and Jenny Xylophones only pretends she’s blind

But we all got a number
And the cameras came

To film the smoke stained smiles
And the tatty glittering curtain

Nanna says I’m going places
I've arrived.
Now all I want are three tens
and a ticket out of here

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