The Plague of the Chaos-Filled Mind



A poem I wrote on a day that was harder than most.

The thoughts crash around like waves,
always pounding the inside of my skull.
It's hard to tell what's up and what's down,
when there's never a single lull.


How do you know which way to go,
when you don't know left from right.
It's all a great big jumbled mess inside,
endlessly fighting you with all its might.

They scream so loud and all at once,
it appears it will never, ever end.
The calm you dream of will refuse to come,
and the chaos that rules is your only friend.

All the moments I've been let down,
all the occasions I've been left out.
It's hard to smile and go about your day,
when all you want is to cry and scream and pout.


The days drag on always the same,
forever tedious and mundane.
There's nothing you can rely upon,
to keep you from going utterly insane.

You try to breathe, and you try to cope,
but nothing you do seems to work.
You lose your friends you push away your family,
and your coworkers think you're a jerk.

The emptiness causes such an ache,
one you've never known before.
You want to run and give up on it all,
but can't seem to get past the door.

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Later days,


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