A feeling in me had been evoked



It was my promise and my decision, I would not leave this man in prison.

It was my promise and my decision,
I would not leave this man in prison.

Bound not by love, akin to fate

from which I cannot separate.
It hurts to feel but more to shun
I care not for any persons repugn.
I've screamed, I've cried 
I've sobbed and sighed
at times I wished I would have died.
So many people oh how they tried 
to stop me but my soul was tied
But nothing in the universe,
would my actions ever reverse.
To do so would be a fatal curse
that pain would become far worse.
His advocate in every way
I fought for his life day by day
I knew that there must be a way
no matter the price to pay.
So on I toiled night after night
alone it was dark, no ray of light.
All this desperate, fearless fight
at times it weakened my steadfast might.
But I always rose after the fall
he trusted me after all-
with his life, I could not fail
I knew I had to just prevail.
If fire is said to temper gold
I’m tempered after all is told.
Never once have I shed such tears
for another soul or felt their fears.
Now how fast time does fly!
I can't believe it- tell me why?
"I've clung to hope I've truly tried
but babe I have to say goodbye."
I felt his pain and shamed that I 
couldn't help but break and cry.
I screamed "No, please I beg you tell me why?
He wiped my cheeks and eyes dry 
"You're why I lasted but I will not lie,
 death is my wish that you cant deny"
I had a vow from the moment we met
But I told him not, though I did not forget.
If he would run I would be by his side
I would help him escape on a motorbike outside.
I think he knew how I loved him so deeply,
He said once, "Would you ride or die with me?'
So I breathed and looked him in the eye
"Now its your turn to hold back and not cry"
“You must promise me, and do not lie
that once place you where you’ll forever lie.
My promise was to live and with you die
So you will let me follow don’t my hope deny.”


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