TWS #5 Promise of Infinity



Check into your imaginative reality; it's far more real than where you are now

You were promised
And all you have left are dreams
That sift through your fingers
Like so many grains of sand
In the waking, the shifting
From imagination to reality
You could redefine your experience
And evolve the dull existence
Into a kaleidoscope of infinity
But you feel...cuffed
By the promises of youth
Juxtaposed with the limitations of age
So you simply exist
With no idea how to breathe
It is not something you learned
But there, there is the key
It is not something you learn.
The breaking of forgotten promises
The throwing off of recalcitrant expectations
Is a matter of doing
It is instinct
Running, jumping...FLEEING
If you feel it in your heart
You have one responsibility
To translate the rebellion in your chest
Into your one chance of imaginative reality


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