Highland Haunting



serenity/ghosts/ nature

I journey to a place ... sweet solitude

Misty crags, ghostly winds, chattering ptarmigans

Rippling steams, water cold and pure

The vibrant scent of thriving purple heather

Ancient land ... kelpies, fairies, banshees

History preserved in rock; dried blood, fine red dust

Unchanged, unchallenged, prehistoric, beautiful

My footsteps the only alteration

Pardon the intrusion, I've come to amalgamate

To digest your pagan spirit, embodiment of mysticism

To inject your indiscernible soul

Reverence, oh reverence!

Highland air running through my veins

Scottish lineage back to the old days

Here is peace; here is a world of essence

The old bothy, time can't quell you

Simple structure aiding weary climbers

Roaring fire, coffee, a nice wee dram

Squall  flowing through the glen

Sighing wistfully, unknown gods of nature

I rest my fatigued head, flames before my eyes

Darkness falls upon this venerated place

Primitive walls alive with shadows

Mounting tiredness stroking my aching limbs

Heaviness kissing my brow and eyes

Here is pure peace ... esoteric joy

I have found solace, the soft patter of my heart

I feel ...

I sense ...

Stirrings of the past

Emerging from the stone

Haunting this most sacred land

Songs from a faded era

Skipping with the wind

Anomalies gather



 I smile as sleep takes me

My dear brethren

Hold my aged hand

Guide me through the dreamy mist

My soul is eternally yours



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