Cost of being human is a Bullet ......



Dedicated to Dancing love birds IN 'PULSE'-who were killed for their choice of living- Life is ashamed and Islam humiliated

They were celebrating life

which they were living on their own terms

They were neither 'this' or 'that' religion

They were not Democrat nor Republic

They were accidentally human 

Celebrating life on their own terms

Cost was a Bullet in head........

Now those who are left behind must know..

It is better to be killed

Living life on own terms

Without being'this' or 'that' follower

As all "ISM" turns you into one

Who picked up a gun burning in envy of

Brothers and sisters

Who were living life without being Muslim,Christian or Hindu

Gunner not only killed this love birds

He also shot in forehead of 


That begins  with


Where every act is prayer 

and where

Sacrificing life for fellow human is greatest virtue.

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