Nowhere, at high speeds. (Beada Beada closes Friday)



I'm no car maven but, to attend this event is NOT time misspent.

 Hope there are no "bead emergencies". Grin.


 It stays mighty quiet in the woods around here.

Each day, blindly silent unless a guest should appear.

But, a cacophony of traffic interferes here every year

with their of blasphemy of spastic, shifting gears atmosphere.


 They come from world 'round to compete in this race.

Some slalom, hurl and pound to set their seasons' pace.

They've closed the roads down for this free-wheeling chase...

I might just mosey the grounds and pick the best spectating space.


 They'd like ice and snow but, warm roads made mud funk.

As mighty mushy muck ruts go, the plow truck blade had sunk.

A bunch of slop's not going to stop hurtling hunks from hunting skunk

while trying to stop without knowing the "pop" and car hurting "crunch" of a chunk of tree trunk.




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