A Directionless life



a life without hope a life without light a life without a soul a directionless life

Broken dreams trapped within 
Deep inside a feeling of guilt 
Failures leading to failure today 
future visioning so weak n' bleak 
Carrying inside a lifeless soul 
Living days without any hope 
tomorrow fades away so fast 
Walking on a damaged rope 
Living amidst unloving eyes 
Rejected then rejected now 
In Ignorance of whole world 
Surviving today just somehow 
Searching for a purpose i 
Finding Reason to live by 
Fallen down too many times 
Hopeless dead tired I lie 
What is it that I seek 
What is it that I need 
What is it that I want 
What is it that I not 
Only these questions 
Dance in my mind 
Only four answers 
Wanting the mind

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