Some Puzzling Peace (updated)



We are brothers. We share the same flesh. We are forever bound by the strait jackets that raised us. They Promised to protect us. Especially from ourselves. Those lies were so easy to believe. Because this life was all we’ve known. You know?

We are brothers
We share the same flesh
We are forever bound by the strait jackets that raised us
They Promised to protect us
Especially from ourselves
Those lies were so easy to believe
Because this life was all we’ve known
You know?
We wanted to believe
That enemies couldn’t be this close to home
We didn’t want to be alone
Cause this world can be so cold
It’s just every time we spoke
It tasted like the lies that we’ve been fed
I’m picking at my teeth
Just please
Get this foul taste of belief outta my mouth
Because we’ve found that as hours fly by
We dream of almost lives
That could never be ours
Ours contained a special kind of hate
Forged by fate into some sinister shapes
Like boozing, or using, these bruises contusions
I’m losing my mind because fighting is useless
Confusion run rampant and I just stay stagnant
Why was this happening?
You know I’m wondering
Do blacksmiths cast wedding rings?
Cause they seem to be used as protection a lot
Used for the onslaught of fragile frames
Memories lost in this fog, hazy, long gone
But my brothers are like bread crumbs
Frayed, bloody edges, you see
We are all puzzle pieces
That seem to fit perfectly
We found this sense of unity, belonging
But we belonged to them, we were dogs to them
“but dogs are better trained” they said
Now I’ve tried
But I couldn’t count the times I’ve cried
Wondering why these puzzle shaped lives
Couldn’t fill the holes in their chests
We fought against rising tides with all our might
But still drowned in this jigsaw life
Now we have these memories, qualities
These thoughts of how it ought to be
And found that we couldn’t be the pieces
Cause we just left holes between the edges
Empty spaces for the screams
They missed the beauty of the pieces
Because there was never any peace
Our faces became their battle scars
Exposing each other’s weaknesses
Someone might’ve won one day
If it wasn’t for this sleeplessness
I’ve walked so long with these bloody feet
That sympathy is not lost on me
I just tread the lighter side of apathy
See we’ve fought ourselves as enemies
For as long as they’ve been poisoning
Our thoughts, our minds, our hopes, our lives
Divided by this fine line with no right side
But now I’ve had some time
And I find that today
I’m fine
I’m ok
And I believe my brothers could say the same
Just now we crave adversity
Tell us what we’ll never be, and gladly
We’ll prove you wrong
Now I’m done singing this sad song, you see
I’ve accepted these scars that occasionally bleed
And I’ve found myself some puzzling peace
I just want you to know
I love my family

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