Written In The Stars



I usually write rather dark poems, but this is one of those that is a bit lighter.



I never intended to hurt, it wasn’t my plan at all;

Not even when I met you, did I ever think I’d fall;

But so much pain and heartache, it tore our love apart;

Why this has to be, I guess it's written in the stars.


My memory tries to show your face within this heart of mine;

The numbness of my tattered soul, only pushes it aside;

I really thought we’d make it, I thought that we’d go far;

But clearly I see, it wasn’t written in the stars.


The stars, how they shimmer, and just like us they fall;

I thought I saw your name, it wasn’t written after all;

Destiny is written so clearly in the sky;

But the stars they had no plan of love for you and I.


So when you awaken alone, without me by your side;

Don’t blame my heart for fate, from which we couldn’t hide;

Look up into the night sky, wander near and far;

For nothing cannot happen if it's not written in the stars.

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