A Song about The Sunflower Girl



Read this song with a bit of music in mind, Scrigglerites.

Bright girl in the sunflower fields.
Wondered her days away for what seemed like years.
Until I met her, and could not tell her apart
from those flowers that grew --

Grew because of how much she loved. [Note: emphasis on the "of" sound in "loved"]

She was golden and meant to be cherished, meant to be touched
sent me a rush so close I could feel the Dreams of Love.

Held her in mind so close

The tired part of me was shown the rest

That I wake up from, knowing I’m blessed.

The hurts, the pains, the suffering within

Found themselves another day to spend within.

For the first time in my life,

It felt like I had time and reason to celebrate: to eat, drink, and be merry.

But she left me with a memory instead.

And if I could change anything,

I could Instead:

That something other to what I’ve been through.

The dream of love that turned out to somehow be true.


I quit drinking

When somebody spilled what could never be reached

By man, woman, or child:

The cup that held my years.


Left with a stain,

A memory.
Her brightest dress


Her hair, unforgettable,


But I couldn’t see her eyes,

And started dreaming of the sunrise

Just like her,
what was impossible
Became the only way to see clear.


Love, True Love,

That lasts for eons

...and then for years.

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