Terra Incognita



Life is a journey and each day an adventure.

So you want to come with me then?
Its a rocky road I'll tread,
Into Terra Incognita,
Maybe dragons lie ahead.

And the final destination,
is a mystery to me,
I cannot even point to it,
Its off the map you see.

So my journey won't be easy,
With the smooth will come the rough.
At times you'll be exhausted,
And you'll swear you've had enough.

Yet between them gems will glitter,
Of the places we'll have been,
Of the people we've befriended,
And the sight we will have seen.

So I need to know you'll raise your shield,
Keep going, right through hell.
And fire the bridge, and hold the pass,
And storm the citadel.

Can you offer this commitment?
Its a one-way trip you see,
I'll be leaving on the next tide.
Think about it carefully.

If you want to share my journey,
If you take me by the hand,
You can't drop me in the ocean,
You won't tie me to the land.

You should rather dream of freedom,
Turn your gaze up to the sky.
Come and spread your wings with me now,
For I intend to fly.


© Marcus Brook 2017


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