The words we use: Overused and Underappreciated



Love and beauty are words that are watered down with our overuse.



All these words like empty colors of a landscape

In memory

Barely discernable day to day
I love you, I love the fall, I love Chocolate

I love it all

How worthless the word that describes too much

And means too little

A word with so much intended worth

Could speak to the darkest souls’ intent

All worth and meaning by habit

Wasted, spent


All these words eclipse a tarnished truth

I wanted to say you were beautiful

Too many other voices

Using hot and sexy, delicious and pretty,

How beauty was meant for so much more

More of what we cannot see

That which comes from deep beneath

All meaning lost, the words we choose

Thrown like paper airplanes in a storm

Wasted, discarded

The words we choose.

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