Saving Grace



  We are all broken, but we can offer each other hope and kindness.


Saving Grace

Hang my head low, try to make my mind small

My heart pounds with the shameful thoughts that haunt me

I want to fade away or maybe change my name

Live out my days where the past could never find me

But they will always go together — who I was and who I am

For the story I’m meant to tell is tied to both of them


Grace for me, grace for me

In my pride, I want to find my own way through 

Grace for me, grace for me

All You ask is that I take it from you


Down on your knees, crawling out of the mud

Stunned by the lowly place you’ve landed

Want to wind it back — if you could only have that hour

You would never make the selfish calls you’ve made

But you can’t go back in time — you were always this man

Life hadn’t shown its hand, so you didn’t know it


Grace for you, grace for you

He knew about this path you’ve chosen

Grace for you, grace for you

You were blind, so blind, but now you see it


Grace for me, grace for you, surrounds us now

Grace for me, grace for you, already given

We once were lost, alone, but now we’re found

So sing His grace; it is the sweetest sound

We sing His grace, the very sweetest sound


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