Quit Your Yapping!



Little dog interrupts a nap.

While I was blissfully napping,

From outside came a horrible yapping.

I pulled the pillow over my head,

Totally remissed to leave my bed.


Through the fluff over my ears,

The barking I continue to hear.

I drag myself from the comfort of bed,

Prepared to bash a doggy head.


From the window I hollar and scream,

At the canine denying me dreams.

"Shut-up, you cursed beast!

All this yapping must cease!"


An idea came to me from out of the blue,

I heaved at the beast one of my shoes.

He didn't miss one single yap,

Not caring that I was missing my nap.


Now all this barking has gone beyond annoying,

The last of my sanity the noise was destroying.

I ranted and raved, cursed and fumed,

This unwitting doggy had sealed its doom!


I stormed down the stairs to end this at last,

When something miraculous came to past.

As I flung open the kitchen's back door,

The yapping wasn't happening anymore.


There on the steps sat my own little pet,

Then doggy eyes and mine suddenly met.

His stubby tail wagging, my heart did melt,

I came to understand how he truly felt.


It wasn't because he was being bad,

The little guy was just feeling sad.

Why in the world couldn't I see,

My beloved companion was missing me!


My rest is no longer encumbered,

Now at peace, I resume my slumber.

Make no mistake, my pet's by my side,

Where unconditional love will always reside.

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