Jumpers Knitted With Pipe Dreams




I’m using jumpers knitted with pipe dreams for goal posts,

I can’t seem to keep up with the keepie uppies

And my goals keep turning into distant ghosts,


It’s a mix of ambition and procrastination

Of apathy and aspiration,


An ever-present over-grown adolescence

Bursting at the seams,


Sickly ice-cream flavoured sugary nothings,

Fluorescent clashing patterns with superficial sheens,

Meaningless kitsch-coloured kitchen utensils

With a flower-painted kettle running out of steam


My energy’s waning,

The power supply is slowing fading,

I spending more time inside for fear of

Not having enough battery to survive outside,

Much safer being closer to the power sockets

From the comfort of my sofa

Than run the risk of burning holes in my pockets

Out there in the unknown ether,

Much easier to paint over the glass ceilings

So I don’t look up and see what I’m missing,


Just sat there looking at the splatterings of brush strokes

That don’t form any kind of picture at all,


Unfinished puzzles on the floor and

Unnoticed ornaments looking forlorn

At the closed door,

Ornaments as useful as bum-fluff

Covered in lack-of-lustre dust,

Ornaments as useful as an umbrella in windy rain,

Not really useful for anything


Much easier to hide inside for the adult-child

Who wants to cry but doesn’t know how to or why,


Too scared to look under the bed to find,

Not a monster, but a desert

Of dust-covered unfinished work

And toys once played with

Forgotten unticked to-do lists and

Torn-up dreams not worth the risk

Screwed up and tossed in the dirt,

That wonderful imagination-bubble

That kept you from getting hurt,

It’s not there anymore


Now the outside world seems much more

Dangerous than it once was


I’m using jumpers knitted with pipe dreams for goal posts,

I’m trying to shoot into life’s unworkable goals

But I don’t know how to tackle without the fall

And it doesn't help that I've got a deflated football


Anyone seen my repair kit?

Just need a pump to pump some fresh air into it.


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