What If?



What if...embracing one another's dreams was the norm and not the exception?


What if embracing one another's dreams was the norm and not the exception?

What if investing in the life of another human being became our daily intention, not just the occasional inspired thought?

What if we could truly rejoice when another received honor and praise?

What if a win-at-all-costs attitude was replaced with a determination to see as many as possible win the prize?

What if succeeding in love was our highest goal, not the most followers on social media?

What if we did what we promised?

What if leadership was characterized by a genuine desire to serve?

What if influence came through relationship not just the loudest voice in the room?

What if we listened to understand not just to reply?

What if we listened, period?

What if I actually believed that I am my brother's keeper?

What if the value and worth of every ethnicity, tribe and people group was recognized and truly celebrated?

What if the cry of the poor and the oppressed became our battle cry, and not just the song and chant of our alma mater?

What if the life of a human being was worth more than a designer accessory, garment, gemstone or even a barrel of oil?

What if I could look a homeless person in the eye with a smile of compassion instead of glancing away in embarrassment?

What if our political affiliation actually came second to the needs of our fellow man?

What if we showed mercy instead of judgement?

What if we saw justice as restorative and not just retributive?

What if we loved money a little less?

What if we truly valued community over isolationism and individualism?

What if we believed that our stories, and futures, are intertwined?

What if men intentionally loved women for more than their bodies?

What if women loved men for more than their status or money?

What if forgiveness and reconciliation became our focus, not the size of the firearm in our closet?

What if we realized that our words could rebuild our relationships and cross over racial, political, economic and religious divides?

What if children could live without fear of hunger, abuse, neglect or death by bombs or a gunman?

What if we watched TV less and just sat and talked with our neighbor once in a while?

What if our ego's and selfishness did not stand in the way of us saying "sorry"?

What if war was a last resort and not our first attempt at diplomacy?

What if, instead of our doomsday predictions, we chose to make the world a better place while we're still here?

What if, instead of cursing the darkness, we allowed our light to shine ever more brightly until shadow faded completely from sight?

What if we weren't slaves to our phones?

What if we could simply enjoy the meal with the person sitting across from us instead of taking pictures of our food and posting them to Instagram?

What if your life mattered to me as much as my thoughts about myself?

What if my life mattered to you?

What if this wasn't just a poem but what I chose every day of my life?

What If? © 2014 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

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