Living as a Soul



Living weightless, aware of the sensual world, awareness of the soul

'Weightless, the days beneath green trees

And quiet green grasses blowing

Shadows of a storm

The clouds insisting, no harm

I watch among the dandelion

One of the many seeds

Taste a bit of air

And rush across the morning blue

I was looking for some one that might have understood

I looked for you

No weight, no heavy sigh

Out across a field of clouds rushing by

No need for love or any control

We kept ourselves like beautiful ghosts

Living as a soul


And I reach around you like the breeze

And I touch your skin like sun

On a summer day

And I smell like cool spring rains

No weight, no hurt

No love or control

Weightless, beautiful

Living as a soul


Teach me how strength is being weak

Allowing a storm to rush across my eyes

And sleep upon a restless sea

Drinking in the tide

Teach me how to feel, every bit and every color

Like flavors we can save

Without cursing hours

Of passing days

Without hanging on to the earth

Let go, across the warm green field as the sun descends behind

Our darkening figures in the shadows of a glistening sun

It’s just begun

The journey inside

No weight, no control

Fall back and let the breezes take us anywhere

Living as a soul….


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