When kindness finds you



Not everyone is kind...but when you come across it...it can be the most beautiful thing in the world and make all the difference.

When kindness finds you on a difficult day

It can make your world turn bright from grey

It can bring smiles and infectious laughter your way


Kindness pointing at you out of the cold ice blue

Can make your sad heart dancing cartwheels do

It can send a joyous electric bolt rushing through 


Kindness when never and yet least expected 

Can make unkind cheap words on you less effected

It can erase past hurts, making them more easily upon reflected 


Kindness when not an iota of selfish ulterior motive has 

Can make you feel from the outside in as good as 

It can release you from the lonely cell bars of alcatraz


So when that beautiful kindness kisses your heart  

Don't forget what you too can now kickstart

A wave of ripples for others to savour as a work of forever art





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