We cannot always discard experiences, the key is to build as many positive ones as you can and to keep moving forward

Sometimes life takes you down roads and in the travel there are collisions that leave open wounds, scar tissue that never quite heals but you move forward anyway because time carries you into the future whether you want to keep traveling or not. You build walls, you forgive the unforgiveable, you try to stay strong and forget but that never truly happens because lurking in your day to day existence is the memory of things past secretly waiting to flashback on you when you arrive at a moment in time that brings about rememberances...



Moving forward resisting the memories
that indelibly scar my mind and spirit
formed by the lessons of my experiences
filed away neatly in my subconscious awareness
least I forget in the process
of rising from the ashes of that past;
I hold tight to those memories as reminders
but I refuse to dwell on them for long;
those memories will stay hidden
until my present state of being
clashes with those remembrances stored
in my subconscious waiting to awaken pain;
nevertheless, circumstances mirroring my past experiences,
bringing forth those memories rising to the surface
flooding my consciousness in warning of the possibilities,
that feel so familiar; while I may have forgiven the evildoer
of the crimes that did not align with my peace of mind,
I walked away head held high, knowing I had tried
to accommodate in vain, but no more

© 2015 Connie Jordan

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