Grandma’s Love



Grandparents Love

My Granddaughter, this day

You turn One year older

May God, Bless you!

This is a special day for you,

So, with lots of kisses and love

I hope you have lots of fun with friends

Reminiscing, I cannot believe how time has passed me by

And, you have turned into a beautiful young teen

Who is so sensitive and prefers to please everyone

Avoid conflict between family and friends

I love her laugh to death and her attitude

So, continue to listen to your parents

There is no rush to grow up yet

Spend lots of time with both

Always say I love you every day

Remember, you’re growing up

 And it is kind of scary

Their baby girl one day they were carrying her

The next,

She’s 12 yrs old

They don’t have a book with instructions’

 to know what to do next that is


XoXoXo  NaNa 2016

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