Motherhood Pains



Mothers with support go through so much pain to bring children into this world. Without support it is even more treacherous. Think of it without a job, money and loving care of family! Yet some mothers bear these pains, in sweat, tears and sorrows. Absentee fathers don't help either.

Motherhood Pains 


There is a price to pay and some mothers do pay them.
In love with the fast talking, accented burly gentleman.
After her martial loss, it appeared a new start, heaven made.
Soon, she discovered the promise of her suitor wasn’t what it meant.


No silver lining when you are un-divorced, unmarried, pregnant working mother
She prophesied repeatedly, the man would be back to care for her young.
Alone, restless, abandoned she faced the world, at the mercy of few good hearts.
Itinerating homeless, housed by Rahab, just anything to survive.


Surviving with the baby was all she cared, willing to suffer, all she can.
Absentee father came and went handing in few conditional dole at a time.
Rich old friends with pittances for assistance, judged how she got herself in.
How that ex-pretty woman could presumptuously fail to conform? 


Thinking mistakes? Trimesters, wait for no one, then two and three, 
Pre-natal becomes ante-natal very slowly, in writhes of heat and pain.
Angels came visiting at Hospital time, for breathing was labored, 
Soul brother, I could not imagine her labor time, could you? 


Alive! It is a boy! Everyone now rallied around to celebrate.
Helpful neighbors stepped in to midwife the new born, 
Who could afford all the richly ritzy Island physicians? 
Hardship, difficulties and unpleasantness finally over, or is it? 


No one knows the true pain of motherhood,
A story only she can tell! 

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