DeviL after ME



"DeviL after ME" is a poem on spiritual oppression.

As the beauty of the night assumes his enviable throne

Singing slowly to thy soul


As the soul keeps drifting like clouds 

O' A manifestation 


Touch thy soul

Touch thy heart

Touch thy heel

O' Angel of darkness 

Perceive thee not

Bring thee not under thy spell


Lick thy cry

Lick thy blood

Lick thy pain

O' Angel of darkness 

Spill thee not

Treat thee not like thy captive 


Kiss thy feet

Kiss thy wrist 

Kiss thy lips

O' Angel of darkness 

Love thee not

For I know not how to tender


Hold thy waist 

Hold thy hand

Hold thy sole

O' Angel of darkness 

Adore thee not

For I know not how to smile 


Feel thy sore

Feel thy sweat 

Feel thy grief

O' Angel of darkness 

Condemn thee not 

Let me not be thy slave


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