Hymn of the Hoi Polloi



/ poetry

An opening in so many words


Two-hundred bodies crammed into a room accustomed to half of that,

each provided with an instruction booklet, an answer sheet,

and two lead pencils sharpened to the point they could kill a man.


The instructor is balding, short,

and wearing a Cardigan sweater that makes him appear even shorter.

His expressions are dull and his demeanor is even,

and when he speaks, it is long, drawn out syllables,

annunciating each word as if he were talking to his own children.


“After you have completed all three sections,

place your answer sheet face down on my podium.

Anyone caught cheating will automatically be disqualified from the position.

You have ninety minutes, and your time begins now.”


Eyes drop off of the instructor

and onto the booklets

where question number one

seems to be of some importance.                                                                                                                                               

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