Finally Saved



Because we are the only ones who can make changes for our own true happiness. Be brave. Save yourself first, then everyone else will be taken care of too



I'm overthinking.

Hearing sobs of rain that start the storm 

And damaged dreams, already worn.

I've years of battered books

And scribbled songs.

I've years of something missing.

I'm overdrinking.

Attempting to numb the pain

And fuel the decision I'll make wrong, again.

I've years of overlook

And staying strong.

I've years of heartache hissing.

I'm overblinking.

Trying to keep these tears inside

And looking for a hero to hide behind.

I've years of being mistook

And feeling wrong.

I've years of sadly wishing.




I'm Rethinking.

I'm being courageous and brave.

I'm not waiting anymore to be saved.

I'm taking control of my heart and my health.

Right here, right now, I have saved myself.


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