Hymn to the Half-Moon



a morning meditation poem, under the moonlight

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Hymn to the Half-Moon

Moon at half-measure,
Harmonious to heralding stars,
In hope and happenstance,
We hail you.

Harbor of deep blue,
Morning sky-host,
In hesitation, humble,
We hail you.

Whisper of night,

Whale-bone anchor against dark pines,
In honor and in hunger,
We hail you.

Honest guardian,
Daughter of mystery in shadows,
In heart-longings and urgency,
We hail you.

Help-meet to sun,
Harbor of saints and wild children,
In hallowed breaths,
We hail you.

Harbinger of health,
Hoop of immortality,
In excess and in poverty of soul,
We hail you.


I need to give credit to the artist who created this lovely work, but I've got to figure out who that is first. I found it in Pinterest.  I will get back here and fix this.


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