High on thoughts...



When your mind refuses to sit at bay... and you are all over the place...! High on thoughts...!

Why am I so frozen..?

To such acerbic thoughts

Of constant demeanour that lay…

The world is but to talk

Over the unspoken rot

Dejection I say, but time and again fall prey to it

If only I knew how to sing…. the unbarred glory of thyself

Before the dawn of dusk.

Recurrence of a notion, again in a draught…

Like an ode to distrust, I keep swirling for the better ways I know won’t come,

Start living, he said…!

An addition to the qualms of my ache,

Pondering over the echoes of joy

I grasped over the nothingness of a lie…

Like the sweet blasphemy…

It stood like a venomous sigh

Still downtrodden,

I fell over the aisle

Back to square one…




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