So Who Are You Marcus?



I wrote this for my website, figuring it's more appropriate for a poet to describe himself in verse than prose, and more fun too. It may be whimsical doggerel but gets the point across pretty well, so I thought it might be nice to share it with you all. Enjoy!


“So who are you Marcus?”

I hear you all ask.

OK, I’ll sit down now,

And deal with the task.

I’ve been putting this job off

For weeks at a time,

But now its decided,

I’ll do it in rhyme!


I’m a weaver of words,

And a writer of wrongs.

A penner of poetry,

Stories, and songs.

I write about passion,

And humour and more,

And I aim for ‘erotic’,

Rather than ‘porn’.


I draw inspiration,

From all sides of life,

From friends and from lovers,

But mostly my wife.

She’s my best friend and confidante,

Partner in crime,

And by far the most useful,

She’s here all the time.


Oh she’s wonderful, beautiful,

Knows me so well,

And the icing on top is;

She’s sexy as hell.

We’ve an excellent love-life,

That’s full to the brink,

of passion, surprise,

And the odd bit of kink.


Now, as you read my verses,

I’m sure you’ll tell,

That we both take occasional,

Lovers as well.

They keep us excited,

And fresh like they should,

And serve to make better,

What’s already good.


See we’re moral explorers,

We think for ourselves,

In the the ocean, the bush,

And the bedroom as well,

And we’ve reached some conclusions

That summarize thus;

You can stuff the old morals,

They just aren’t for us!


So I write from experience,

much of the time,

On a background of fiction,

narrated in rhyme.

Now glance at the verses,

I've written for you,

And I hope you enjoy them,

as much as I do.


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