Striking Poem



Two friends decide to go bowling but tragedy strikes (words within the poem relate to bowling)



A call came on the phone

From my good friend Mia

I was all alone

She said she had an idea


Instead of going to the club

Let’s go bowling

We can first eat subs

While we’re rock and rolling


I had to put her call on hold

It was the President of the United States

He was quite bold

Saying only this or he would be late to the debate


He said thank you for applying for the job

But you are not up my league

Although it was nice to hob nob

Even though I felt fatigue


I then resumed my friend’s call

She was right up my alley

I packed up my bowling ball

And said, let’s go — shall we?


We didn’t have a car to spare

Thus, we walked through the valley

I told her my bowling ball she could share

As we walked down the alley


But down the alley

A Kingpin was robbed

Within the valley

He had a dangerous job


The person who was robbed

Pinned the crime on us

His name was Bob

Reluctant to say, I did cuss

We knew we’d have to go to court

As we had been framed

To make a long story short

To my friend I then exclaimed


The bowling alley is far

Let’s first play a sport

Since we have no car

Before we go to court


So on our way down the lane

We went to a batting cage

Mia said to the court we will explain

But for now hit the bat with rage


I hit the ball

My friend yelled strike

I wished I had it all

And even wished we both had bikes


We then headed onto the bowling alley

But decided not to go in

We walked back through the valley

To forget we had been pinned


As we passed by a gutter

I used my wit

For I loudly muttered

“Let’s split”


So Mia said

How about a game of cards

Before you go to bed

But I gave her my regards


A bad night it was

Mia can go take a hike

And it was because

Next, lightning striked


However, our friendship had been spared!


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