If my pen could ink our days...



11/9/16 An imagination of how I would direct lives if I were omnipotent or time travel were possible

I would write your life.

I would write your life

like the choose-your-own-adventure novels

of our childhood.


I want to turn the pages

as I've written them.

I want to tell myself stories about you,

"What would you do if...?"

"...and then she said...!"

"Sadly, she lay down her head beside him

and they slept".


I would write your life.

I want to turn back the pages

of your history,

I want to choose your life path,

I want to guide you 

to the prize of your heart.


I would write my life.

Would I be so different?

Who would I kill if given the chance?

I would write my life,


the whole world bowed to my



I would write my life.

What would I change?

Would I have kissed that girl?

Would I have given that one a chance at me?

Would I be who I am?

Would I find you?


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