This poem is written as a final entree piece for a Poetry Tournament themed, ANGEL OR DEMON — Which one best reflects you and why?


(Archangel of Hope) 

I am not perfect, I am not pure. 
But in me resides a strong presence, 
Pushing me up, pulling me down; 
Maneuvering me out of harm... 
And delivering me to the place, 
Where I am at home and at peace... 
Shaping me into a person, 
That I endeavor to be. 

When all is dark, my angels' eyes, 
Focus on that glimmer of light... 
Far ahead no matter how dim, 
I chose to see that silver lining. 
When I am shunned and everyone is looking down, 
My angels' heart stands her ground... 
Beating strongly with no vile blood, 
Believing that tomorrow, another sun would shine. 

When I am hungry and no means to carry my own weight... 
My angels' feet keep standing up, 
Walking straight along the narrow path... 
Keeping my balance, braving the odds. 
And when I am sick and deliriously in heat, 
My angels' mind stays lucid and awake. 
Energizing my spirit to fight and go on burning, 
Firing the thread of life, that I am still living. 

When I am overwhelmed, with praises and success 
My angels' hand maintains an open palm. 
For the blessings to flow out and comes back with freedom, 
Humbling me, while continuously endowing me. 
Life is full of sloppy roads... 
And time is but a pilferer. 
How we are, who we are, where we are... 
Are just blossoms fugaciously in place. 

No matter how transient our being might be; 
To leave a mark there, is two ways as I see... 
We embrace our angels sometimes; 
We gave in to our demons at times. 
Yesterday's a preacher that nags like a concerned mother. 
Today is a driver at war with rush hour traffic. 
Tomorrow is a tax collector auditing my earnings. 
And I am but a woman who tries her hardest, every second of every time. 

Auriel lives within me 
The voice of reason behind my doubts 
I am not perfect, I am not pure; 
But compassion filled my heart and soul. 
Hope is the cord that ties, 
The earthly me to valor and just; 
Giving me wisdom to accept my fate and eventual death... 
Keeping my garden in this mortal world, lush and green. 

This lifetime, I strive...


Auriel is the sole female Archangel amongst the five ruling members of the Angiris Council. She's known as the Archangel of Hope and it is through her that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest soul and should her light ever fade, all Heaven would fall to despair - Selathiel, Angiris Scribe.

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