Because you are the only one who can make changes for the better. So go ahead, be brave, be kind to yourself...



I've sat here many times

Trying hard to work you out.

We talk round and round in circles,

But still you leave me with doubt.


Lady, you're driving me crazy. 

You've got to let yourself be loved

And stop trying

To self destruct.


You create so many versions of yourself

That I don't know what's left.

I listen, I talk, I advise,

But you still leave me bereft.


Lady, you shock and amaze me.

You've got to learn to love yourself

And leave that loathing

On the shelf.


But here we go again

Talking all your issues through.

Once again I try to make you see

You're one of a precious few.


Lady, nothing can phase me.

You've got to learn to believe in love

And know you are 

Something to be proud of.


So Mirror Mirror on the wall, 

Here we sat and talked things through. 

Until you saw your reflection and realised,

The answers were all in you. 


Lady, thank goodness you changed me.

Now I can let myself be loved 

With no more thoughts 

On self destruct.


At last.

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