The Terror



A horror poem written in four line stanzas (Quatrains)


High above the warm October sky,

Where all mankind looked  in fear and cries,

An ancient horror not known to man,

Is about to deal a heavy hand,



Even those who were slightly mad knew,

As they stood there laughing at the appending doom,

The sky turned to fire and black as smoke,

As once told by the old folk




The horror emerged from the fire that was once the sky,

While mothers and children sat there cried,

A terror that spawned from long ago,

Makes the earth it every lasting home,




Those who fought this horror from the stars 

Lost their lives for a worthless cause,

The horror made uses of their bones and ate their flesh,

While other watched in horror and deflect




Mankind has come to a terrible end,

For those who survived the horror begins,

They worship their new master and appease their lord,

Sacrificing the ones they love and adore




They bow and worship day and night,

Their bodies his food and his delight,

The madness lives forever more,

The world become blood and sores




Whisper echo of those days of passed,

The one who remember try to make the memory last,

The youth only know of the horror that lives,

Not knowing how thing had once been,






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