The calmness of boredom



A poem about how lives can change before you realize it

He enters the world with water-filled eyes

He begins to think and move as he grows

He learns of other worlds passed the skies

He leaves home to where it always snows

He makes mistakes and lives through regrets

He runs from his problems, not looking back

He tried to move on, but never forgets

He apologizes, trying to get back on track

He wakes up one day to find it all hurts

He knows he has to change his ways

He makes amends and sacrifices perks

He knows it's time to live calmer days

He has a docile life now, being good

He does the right thing, or so he thinks

He hates being nice, but he should

He does what's right, but it sure stinks

He is old, but not forgotten

He lived a life, but not well

He is now no longer as rotten

He dies, "Is my destination hell?"

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