A Poem from my new book "Simply danLrene Poetry Collection"


Little girl dressed in blue

Wandering down the hall

People sitting in every room

But no one she could call


Bare feet and tangled hair

Eyes with a vacant stare

Looking straight ahead she walked

Seems there was no one to care


Rag doll held by one tiny foot

Making trails on the dusty floor

Little girl stumbled down the hall

Looking for that one lone door


Twas no Alice in the looking glass

No Cinderella going to the ball

Was only a wooden door she sought

And no one else to call


 Little black bird with circle of blue

Sitting on the snowy cold wall

Peering through the glass it looked

Listening for someone to call.


Fly, fly away little bird

Escape this dark, cold place

You can do it little bird with blue

Fly to a brand new case


Little old lady with silver blue hair

Walks with a shuffling gait

Little rag doll sits on a shelf

Memories of another date


©danLrene 1985


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