Wrongly Rightly



A poem about two people who quickly fall into a lustful illicit relationship through Social Media


It started with a simple Direct Message

A hello, a polite thank you for following

But now it’s something different

It’s bigger, happier, impure, unsettling


Simple messages of how are you shift to

I’m thinking of you, you’re in my head

I can’t concentrate without you

And when we don’t talk I feel dead


We laugh, send emoticons of smiles and LOL

Cheeky winks and hearts and musical notes

We’re both lost in this virtual fantasy

Together below inky blue skies, stars and quotes


Last thing at night under the duvet so warm

We tease, we kiss, stroke, lightly touch

Bodies writhe and clash, lose all control

Holding onto each other, a desperate clutch


Closer and closer to passionate heights

You push me and push me, then you pause

I can’t take the overload anymore

You take all of me, claim me as yours


I bite on my bottom lip to stop the moan

You stroke, you graze, you nip with teeth

Incessant, continuous…we can’t get enough

I lie there totally spent, you collapsed beneath


We imagine falling asleep next to each other

Gasping breaths, then gently falling unison

Our limbs entwined, our energy spent

Two foggy minds grappling, whirlwind illusion


Growing lust, frenzied passion takes over

It’s in our breath, our touch, our scent

Messages back and forth, now hundreds a day

Mostly words of joy, love, but too of lament


There’s no denying a darker side to this

A woman bound to you through marriage

And through our actions, she is pushed aside

Yet we both recklessly her disparage


We know we can’t truly be together

You’re but a beautiful face on a mobile screen

Images sent, provocative and inviting

Our emotions rising, a wondrous magic between


And though we speak of how it will end

We hang onto each other desperately, tightly

Hearts scarlet elated, love purple bruised

Our bond painful we know… is wrongly rightly

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