this poem is inspired by a black keys song. this is an edited version i wrote for my wife on our fifth wedding anniversary. the traditional symbol of the fifth anniversary is wood, so i carved it onto a board of wood painted white. it stands by our bedside.

Tell me where you're going, when you're going home

I felt you leaving before you'd even gone

Hold me now, never ever leave me again

No more talking can take you from this pain you're in.


          Sweet moonlight sliding across your windowpane

          See it leave you as fateful as it came

          Make amends, you don't have to be afraid

          Forgive yourself, 'cause there ain't no other way


"Tell me what you're thinking to treat somebody so"

The care he took, the lengths to which he'd go

To her house, through her door, she tossed off her shoes

In the end, he only does when he's got something to lose



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