I would like this to be translated into as many languages as is possible, there is a sample of one way it could sound, however I would love to hear it sang in other ways so that I could try those out too

I’m sitting wondering some days the way life passes us by,
I bumped into a girl I knew there was a tear in her eye,
I asked her why, why was she crying,
She just looked up and sighed, I’m fine,
Ain’t no denying she has something on her mind,
If I’d have only made more time for my friend,
Maybe she could open up to me and she could depend,
but so quickly happy memories, can descend,
once upon a time we made a pact we where friends till the end,
she used to do talk the truth, back in the days,
cos we where tight this girl and I, but time quickly changed,
we all go through struggles, and we all need a friend,
and as I mentioned she was crying,
well, what’s the reason,
heard through the streets she’s just a victim of domestic violence,
like when a flower blossoms, gets no water, wont break the silence,
it starts to wilt, cant feed its needs, then weeds take over her flowerbed
before you knew it, that flower could be dead

Girl, take time, time can just pass you by, (better catch it)
Don’t you cry, just be what I know you can,
I’ll be there for you, I am your friend,

I met this boy that I knew from once upon a time,
We played tig, when we where kids, but he chose the life of grime,
Its too easy for a young man to get caught in this crap,
So many wanting to rap, to get us out of the trap,
That they are born, or bred, or fed themselves into,
So many people with talent, wasting (wasting), chasing,
Drugs and bad dreams, reality where facing,
So this man I knew grew up – no
Blew up – no
Might end up getting slew up,
He preferred easy money, don’t call him a man honey, x2
When he is grown, it will be known to him,
But in them circles, trust is a rarity,
He ended up grassed up and locked up, and then you see,
Life becomes a cycle, in and out of nick trying to hold himself a title,
Ending up on drugs, cis he's lost his way in life,
And can no longer kill his cold with niquil,
Aids- just a matter of how many of the gyal, he has the cheek to call whore, has he gave that shit to, and can never settle the score

Girl, take time, time can just pass you by,
Dont you cry just be what I know you can,
I'll be there for you, I am your friend

hey boy, I realised,
you can't hide the way your feeling inside,
try so hard to be the macho man,
I'll be there for you, I am your friend.

I'm actually everyones friend- know this

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