I Fight a Battle



Battle between author and food

I fight a battle at 2 a.m.
I fight a battle at 11 a.m.
I fight a battle at 10 p.m.
Me vs. food, rounds 1,2, and 3

Food is manipulative
Plays tricks on me
Makes me think I'm hungry
When I'm not

I want to eat
Because I'm in pain
             My knee hurts, throbs, is swollen
             And I know food will take the edge off
Because I feel sad
              And food will make me happy 
              For the moment at least
Because I feel fat
               And food will distort the image
               To something I like

In reality food does this
Only to distract me
To make the situation worse
It's baffling, powerful, and cunning
And so I fight battles at 2 a.m., 11 a.m., and 10 p.m.

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