Your House



This poem was published in Di-Verse-City 2016, an anthology published at the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF) in April this year. As for me, I'm off on vacation... so I'm going to fall off the grid for a while!

I drove past your house today

as it stood brooding and still

the walls now damp and blackened,

not a light could be seen.


I took the route I took that day

when I left home that time

in a car bedecked with flowers

to build my home as a bride

I also recalled that day you left

in a car bedecked with flowers

with me sitting silently inside

unable to move, unable to cry.


I thought of the house as I drove:

the house that once was home.

No one lives there now, they say,

and even you are gone.


Yet, my eyes turn to the verandah

forever searching in despair

for the figures of a father and daughter

that I know still reside there.

I'm sure the walls

still echo their laughter

the staircase remembers

the sounds of their feet


and the nights conceal

with a resonating sigh

that bit of you, that bit of me

that we both left behind.

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