LANGUAGE WARNING Considering my place in my relationships 28/4/16

It calls to me,

again and again,

it knows my name

and it knows 

I will come. 


I breathe differently 

when we are together 

for she knows my triggers,

she knows what makes me 



I am open, opened,


to you. 

I'm hungry for you

and I don't like being hungry. 


Who will fill these empty spaces?

Heart torn from my chest,

lucky I have two,

but it still hurts like a 





Sex, huh? Nah, I'm a monk. 

This is a spiritual,

intellectually emotional

connection, Kindred.

We are same.


So, sex..?

No, thank you. Not with you.

That would make it far too real 

and that is a fucking luxury

I definitely cannot afford.


Sex? Yes, I love it.

I would love to indulge

but it is not a place I will take my heart.

Pure physicality, well, that's a different story.

Only my wife gets all of me.  



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