You ever wonder about life? Why do we feel the way we do? What started it? What is our purpose? Like, how does certain words get their meanings? You ever just question life? Well, that is what this is...

You are now here,

But this book is going no where.

We all are here now,

But that is just the present.

We do not live in the past,

And the future does not exist.

Could be why they call it present,

Maybe it is just a gift?


This is just word play,

From living in this world we play in.

We playing in our own world of words,

Living in our thoughts and emotions.

Forgetting what Generates, Operates, and Destroys everything!

Maybe we never knew the Generator, dog!

Not living by the facts of life,

Maybe we are not aware of the Operation, dog!

Destruction all around us,

Do not get it backwards, dog!

GOD love’s ALL!!!


So why fear love?

Why fear GOD,

That created YOU!

True love is through creation,

Creation is the truth!

It is only one of those!

You can change your body.

You can change your earth.

You can do whatever in Your Own Universe!!!


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