Fresh Fish



Swimming the "Blunderflail" stroke.


 I was just a thought, across time and space,

an atomic dust dot, tossed at lights' standard pace.

Cosmic gas must've wrought lime green grins and a face

and it's panache busting flash, I ought and will not erase.


 A smile at light speed, no aim or control,

and while a head, I might need, I grow frame, brain and soul.

As I fight to be, to fulfill my fates' role,

the sight seen before ..a..small,.. sky blue...bowl?


 Still in the distance, a shape from my grin.

That's Pluto, for instance, then came calico skin.

At Tethys, I noticed my back had this fin

and I'm an oafish, bloated catfish with a weird, wire-whiskered chin!


 I crashed my first SpLaSh! in the sea near Japan.

There's a rash that inhabits this free world of man.

I attached to Namazu as his reversed charlatan

to grasp why some brash humans screw the works in Earths' plan.


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There's more where that came from!