A memoir of a broken heart

Inhale (its raining)

I remember
his blissful eyes
the knot he tied...
his arms were heaven 
& my thirst never dried
"I love you my life,
this never forget
let tomorrow be however 
we shall never regret.
wherever i be,
trust on me
these are my words
i wont set you free...."
to the beats of my heart,
until your mine,
it will never tear apart.
my breath every minute,
every single second
is filled with your essence
(the window bangs open and everything shatters)
what was my fault?
to get all of this,
my tears keep flowing...
but still i miss
3 years ago..
when you went away,
i asked you why?
couldn't you say!
i cried,i screamed,i yelled
please don't leave me alone
but still, you left...
A year before
walking there

on the same street,
where we used to meet
i saw your fingers entangled in hers,
in the same coffee shop
we went for years.....
I walked past you
stood in a corner
for a minute or 2
but still,you dint see..
I fell on my knees

that's when you turned,
and realized its me..
another tear rolled
to see you react,
but i couldn't stand still
i ran at the back....
stammering down the lane
my home finally came
i led myself to my room,
then fell over the bed
and again in an instant
my eyes were wet.......(the door bell rings)



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