This Hurt In My Heart



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I came againAs I did yesterdayAnd the day beforeAnd as I will tomorrowAnd the day afterAnd the day after thatThese bitter tears won't stop meNeither will the pain This terrible pain throbbing in my heartNor the dark curtain of anguish that has fallen...

I came again
As I did yesterday
And the day before
And as I will tomorrow
And the day after
And the day after that
These bitter tears won't stop me
Neither will the pain
This terrible pain throbbing in my heart
Nor the dark curtain of anguish that has fallen over my soul
How can I keep at bay when the heart strings tug so painful?
How can I not come...
How can I keep off when my feet won't stop leading?
Dragging me to this place of my pain
Where hope lies buried beneath a mount of fresh earth
Lying still in a carpet of worms
In company of a lone whitewashed sentinel 
Oooh, the anguish in my soul!
Such terrible pain
Soooo numbing! Sooo senseless! Sooo debilitating!
I will sit here and let loose the flood of emotions
Here on this mount I will lie
And remember the echoes of your laughter
The sound of your gentle voice
And the misty shades of our memories

And this primrose sprouting from the mount
I will nurture
And love
Because this is hope coming from beneath
Your gentle finger reaching out with a soft caress
Whispering a message of hope to my aching ears
That the throbbing in my heart though horrendous
Is a good thing
A sign that I have loved
That the hurt in my heart
Is a sign of life
And goodness
And godliness
That even though you lie in timelessness
Your soul is filled with raptures of joy
Because you lived and were loved

O, sweet pain!

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