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Sometimes we are faced by numerous problems and challenges and it seems there is no end to our pains, sorrows and humiliations.

In the midst of all these problems, we sit down and begin to reason. From our reasoning, we tend to ask ourselves questions. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are, for how long will our sorrows, pains, humiliations and our numerous challenges end? 

For how long will we have to wait for a saviour to come and deliver us from our problems? 

When we begin to ask ourselves these questions, we sometimes find no answers to our questions leading us to lose the hope of salvation and redemption 

We tend to accept our present conditions which are filled with afflictions, pains, sorrows, humiliation, poverty and many more.

Some of us have been bathed with poverty and have been powdered by sickness and diseases and we do not know where to start or where to begin.

We then tend to give up on life, praying for the death angel to come for our lives so we could have some kind of peace and relieve in the other world.

In the midst of our problems, we tend to plead God to end our lives so that our sufferings and pains will be ended. Instead of calling on the name of the lord to deliver us from all of our problems.

He said in his word that, we that are weary and heavy laden we should come to him with our loads and He will give us rest.

We can only have that rest when we are found in Christ. And so if we are asking ourselves as to how long will our heartaches, sorrows, pains, humiliations and so forth end, it will end when we find ourselves in Christ.

The choice ladies and gentlemen is in our hands and we are all responsible for the choices we make.

The choices we make can lead us to that very rest we are told of in the bible and that same choice can lead us into great pain, sorrow, humiliation, rejection and many more.

Some of us are in Christ but we suffer pain, sorrow, humiliation and what more we have.

But I want us to know that, sometimes God just want to test our faith and patience in him and that is why He allows those things to come our way.

Just look at Job. He was an upright man in the sight of God and God blessed Job in all aspect of life but God tested him and Job overcome the trial and his end result became great.

What do I mean by that? Sometimes we are faced by many problems and challenges not because we did something wrong but God wants to test our faith and patience in him and when we overcome those test successfully, our end result will be great.

God gives us tests that are according to our standards. He will never give us any test that are below and above our standards.

In the nutshell, if we are asking ourselves as to how long will our problems and other challenges end, it depends on two main factors.

These factors are the individual choices we make and the last one is from God. He decides when those problems we are facing will end.

Let us therefore bear in mind that, God knows what is best for us.

The ball ladies and Gentlemen, is in our court and we all responsible for the the direction to which we play it.




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