Many and varied



A collection of short poems

Look at you,
Roaming my house;
Blindly, wildly
Opening all the doors,
Of my midnight mind.
May you find your peace in mine,
In my darkness, friend.
Dear sister, learn from my love.


I am a tree
Of many branches,
Some scarred,
Some pristine.
Sunlight touches
Only the surface,
My darkness lies beneath

Deep, deep
My roots search and grow
Drawing water
And life from the earth,
All to make more of me
For you to use.
I am home and shelter
To many and varied.

I am a safe place
Even to myself.


A hungry wolf,
I stalk,
Mouth agape,
Saliva dripping,
Tongue lolling,
Behind you,
Drowning in your scent,
Muscles taut.
Eyes focused
Gaze fixed.
Singular purpose.
I will get you.


Sometimes I hate myself,
But I can't escape,
I take me wherever I go,
I am American Express,
I don't leave home without me.

I am often trapped inside my head.
Maybe a slight ripple breaks the serene surface,
But there is a tsunami building,
Raging against the inner walls of my mind,
Ready to wreak destruction and terror for miles around.

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